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How To Play

  • Register an account on Dash4Cash.
  • Predict the outcome of ONE of the listed matchups.
  • You may change your selection as many times as you like BEFORE the match has started.
  • Once the match has started your selection is LOCKED IN and cannot be changed.
  • You may forfeit your selection if you wish to change it, this would result in a single loss on your record.
  • Once the matchup is completed and the result confirmed you may make your next selection.
  • Build the longest winning streak each month or the most correct picks each month and win your share of R15,000.


  • Once you have logged in navigate to the “Make Picks” page, use your sports knowledge to predict the outcome of ONE of the listed matchups.
  • Each match has a listed start time after which you will no longer be able to make a selection.
  • Once a match has started your selection is locked in and you will have to wait for the match to finish or the selection to be resulted before you can make your next selection, so choose wisely!
  • You are restricted to ONE selection at a time, however should you wish to cancel your selection once it has started you may choose to “Forfeit” your selection. This will result in a loss on your record but it will leave you free to immediately make another selection.
  • There are no restrictions on how many selections you may make per round and the forfeit option is a good tool to use if you see the match is not going your way.
  • You are not required to play every day, but the more match ups you predict successfully, the longer the streak! In the event a matchup that you selected does not take place (for any reason), your streak will NOT end, rather the matchup will be listed as "Cancelled", "Postponed" or "OFF".


All participants start at zero. Your streak is measured by the number of consecutive matchup you select the correct winner of. The decisions of the Game Administrator responsible for officiating the games shall be final and binding regarding the outcome and scoring of each game. Matchup results may be corrected at any time based upon decision by the Game Administrator.
Click here to read the full rules.

So, are you ready to put your sports prediction talents to the ultimate test?

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